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Took a LONG flight from Orlando to Vegas, then Vegas to Reno today. In Reno for the Assoc. for Higher Education and Disabilities conference. Very much looking forward to my initiation into the AHEAD world, but got such a treat on the flight to Vegas today.

Three ladies boarded and sat in the front row, right in front of me. One lady (who’s nickname is Cookie) was quite elderly and accompanied by her two daughters. As the engines started up, Cookie began calling out, “Oh my God! Oh my God!” Not in the sarcastic way ususally associated with text messaging, but more like she’d just witnessed a healing at Lourde’s or something. Her daughters just giggled and explained what was going on-that the engines were pushing hard, that soon the plane would leave the tarmak and they’d be flying. Yep, for the 70 plus years she’d spent on this earth, Cookie had never flown.

For me, who flies all the time, it’s no biggie. But I DO remember well the first flight I ever took, how I thought the plane was coming apart at the hinges. Total virgin, I was I was!

So, for Cookiie to experience this late in life was a treat to watch! The bigger treat, though, was the flight attendants on that Southwest Airlines flight. The two seated in the jumpseat asked her name and said, “Cookie, you’re on the best airline and you’ve got the best crew for your first flight! This is exciting for us and we want to make it an awesome experience for you!” And they did!

Now, think of the “Oh my God! Oh my God!” on take off. Now, think about being that age, that level of inexperience flying, that new to the whole experience with Vegas…and think of the plane descending into Sin City. The lights, the size, the Stratosphere touching the sky…her “Oh my God!ss” became louder and more animated! Just so cute to watch this in action!

As always, the flight attendants on SWA should be commended for helping ease the fears of their special passenger! It really made my day to see this much kindness and compassion shown to Cookie, and even moreso that Cookie was having the time of her life!

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