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One of my best friends in this world is Tim Hubbard. Hubbard and I went to the same high school, the same college and have been buds since we were both young and stupid. Well, younger and stupider.

About four years ago, one of my monthly newsletters focused on my boy, Hubbard. Tim is a 12 year vet of the Army Reserves and, back in 04, was headed right smack dab into the Suni Triangle.. He served his tour of duty, came home and has continued on with the Reserves. So much so that he just left for his second tour to the Middle East.

Tonight, I got a note from his mom with his mailing address in Kuwait. He’ll be there for a while doing orientation and, from there, probably back into the war zone.

If you know Tim, or even if you don’t, and want to help hook him up with care packages from home, drop me an E mail:

Happy to pass along his contact info. God knows he’s doing us a service by just being there, so the least I can do (as an American and as his friend) is keep him in fat city with care packages from home.

Hubbard, watch your back, man.

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