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Dr. Randy Pausch died today. We always say stuff like “rest in peace”, but for Randy, this isn’t a command as much as a statement of the obvious.

Randy was a computer science prof at Carnegie Mellon. He was also dying of pancreatic cancer until he breathed his last breath earlier today.

As he was dying, Randy lectured his classes on things much, MUCH more important to the world than computer science; to live life like there’s no tomorrow, to never lose the child’s feeling of wonderment, and to love the gift of life that we’ve all been given.

His youtube video of his last lecture has been viewed by tens of millions, his video and book aren’t far behind. He is simply one of the best conveyors of the truth of life message that’s ever lived.

Yes, Randy died this morning, but he’s got something that very, VERY few of us ever have: the knowledge that we touched millions and left the world a better place. This, faithful reader, is something we should all strive for every day.

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