Secrets, Screaming and Sylvia

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Ya know, faithful reader, you’ll probably think I’m kinda a whack job. Or at least a flake. But here goes anyway…

My latest book has been “Secret Societies” by Sylvia Brown. You know Sylvia Brown, right? That narsty old gal who usually makes appearances on the Montel Williams Show, talking too audience members about their dead relatives and messages she (Sylvia) gets from her psychic guide, Francine.

So why would I be reading her book? A couple of reasons…

First, I’m a member of a couple of the different secret societies she discusses in the book(Freemasons, Shriners, Knights Templor.) Strangely enough, her information is well researched and accurate (way to go, Francine!) Second, while I’m no true believer, what little experience I’ve had with psychics is, well, uncanny and interesting in it’s accuracy. So, off I went to read!

Most secret societies have some sort of root in religion. Whether they’re orgs that date back hundreds (even thousands) of years, there seems to be a strong faith element. This is where the whole reason of the post for today comes in…

I read Sylvia’s part in a chapter tonight and these words struck me as undeniably true:

“I’ve always found that people secure in their belief systems don’t have to scream and criticize those who attack them. But those who are insecure in their faith always fight back…sometimes viciously.”

Folks, I have very, VERY strong opinions on faith. But that’s all they are-opinions. And faith is only faith. It’s not truth, it’s one’s own personal belief in something that cannot be proven. Hence, faith.

Yet, it seems (like Sylvia said) there is always a contingency of folks who scream the loudest. And these are the people who (I’m convinced) are actually pretty insecure in their faith and their very understanding of what they scream about. Ya know, the kind of people who’ll be on the offensive so they don’t have to be on the defensive. Sad. And illogical. And certainly no way to portray one’s belief system.

Who’d have thunk Sylvia Brown would give such good food for thought?

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