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Well, here we are. Right at the beginning of hurricane season and me, a mid-western boy, bracing for his first taste of a true blue ‘caine.

Like many people, I’m keeping an eye on the news and weather reports, trying to determine how bad it’ll get. Here in central Florida, we’ll be safe from a direct hit, but can (and probably will) get huge downpours and the flooding that’ll go along with it.

On Wednesday afternoon, I’m scheduled to be just outside of Tampa speaking at Saint Leo University. Right now, we’re keeping watch to see if Fay will swing out into the Gulf, or if she’ll come right up the middle of Florida from Miami or if it’ll hug the western shore and smack Tampa upside the head. Depending on what Fay does determines what I’ll be able to do. Saint Leo U is the emergency shelter for that side of the county and if Fay gets nasty, they’ll be using their resources to help displaced Floridians.

So, what do we do in prep? Several different things. First, we make sure all potential projectiles are inside. This means the grill, all lawn furniture, flower pots – anything that could be picked up by Mother Nature and hurled through a plate glass window. Let’s hope my neighbors do this, too! Second, we stock up on bottled water, propane, ice and non-perishable foods.

That’s the extent of what most folks are told who are in Fay’s path. Specifically here, we’ve got stacks of towels ready, heavy objects to set in front of doors and electronics away from windows. Plus, we have our “safe room”; a bathroom on the first level in the center of the house. No windows, extra towels and maybe, if we can fit it in there, a twin mattress to hide under (let’s hope things don’t get this bad.)

Provided we have power, I’ll be blogging and working all the while… but I’ll try to get some pics, too. And even with the potential danger and my fear of bad weather, it’s a little exciting! So, pics, blogs and stories coming at ya soon!

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  • Susabelle

    Hey, you’re from Missouri…Fay will be nothing more than a thunderstorm like you’re used to. No biggie!!

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