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What does a college do to increase enrollment by 500% in just a few years? To find that answer, you’ll have to study Notre Dame College in Cleveland, Ohio.

I was honored to speak at NDC last night for their Welcome Week activities and, let me tell ya, NDC people care. Yes, they care.

Whether it’s the administration, the professors, faculty, staff – every one’s enthusiasm and commitment trickle down into the culture of what is NDC. Brian Emerson, my client and now friend, was my contact guy for this event. As we drove from the airport to NDC campus, I learned about the way NDC had almost died out several years ago, but now has new life breathed into the institution.

The students were some of the most kind, generous and courteous I’ve worked with in a long, long while. I’d especially like to thank Brian for the opportunity, but even more for giving me the opportunity to touch some lives.

Two NDC students (who shall remain nameless for anonymity’s sake) spoke with me afterward. Both these young ladies have been touched by tragedy due to some horrible car crashes in the past. Both were so willing to discuss their pain, their experiences and their hopes for the future – and that’s not easy to do with a stranger like me. You two are the reason I do what I do – to be able to put a positive element into lives that might otherwise be tainted by tragedy. Thank you for sharing your journeys, ladies, and please let me know if there’s anything at all I can do for you in the future.

Thanks, NDC, for giving me an awesome trip back to Cleveland!

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