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Making promises I can’t keep is something I do NOT do. The biggest reason is, well, I just don’t like to be embarrassed.

For a kid who grew up when Mike Tyson was at his fighting best, I always got a little tickled before a big Iron Mike fight. Tyson would inevitably talk a whole bunch of smack about how he’d pound his opponent into the ground. Big words, but when you’re the heavyweight champion of the world, you can say such things.

Meanwhile, his challenger would be saying the same sorta stuff! Now, I’m no mathematician, but if there are two guys fighting, one will win, one will lose. Therefore, one of these smack talkers will be right, one will be proven wrong. Simple as that. Then, the loser not only has to deal with the loss of the fight, but the embarrassment of having had his mouth write checks his ass can’t cash.

The last month or more, the nation (and especially those of us here in Orlando) have been watching the Casey Anthony case. Quick re-cap if you’re not familiar:

Casey is a 22 year old mom here in Orlando. Her two (now three) year old daughter, Caylee, was last seen by Casey’s father in mid-June. Casey was then estranged from her parents until mid-July when, under pressure, she admitted her daughter had been missing for a month. Casey never reported her daughter missing, never once lifted a finger to help the police and sat in jail on a child endangerment charge and refused to help the investigators. Do you smell murder?

Well, you might…literally. Today, forensic evidence came back saying Casey’s car did, at one point, have a dead body in the trunk. More evidence she killed her own daughter seems to come out by the minute. All the while, Casey stonewalls the police.

A bounty hunter who has some TV fame has inserted himself into this case. The bounty hunter’s nephew is a bail bondsman and, with a donation from the bounty hunter, Casey is now out on bail. Any idiot knows the bounty hunter is on the case for self promotion, yet for the last several weeks, he’s claimed that the little girl is alive-AND that he’ll find her.

And how does that claim jive with today’s forensic evidence? It doesn’t! So, said bounty hunter comes off looking like a loudmouth ninny who talks before he thinks.

I guess if you don’t mind embarrassment, then feel free to say whatever comes to mind, whenever it comes to mind. As for me, I’ll learn from the mistakes of bounty hunter Leonard Pidilla and wait for the evidence (forensic or not) before making too much of a judgement. Or, if the judgement is made, I’ll keep it to myself.

Who knew? Listening works better than talking! Now, if we could just get bounty hunters and boxers to believe it.

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