Congrats Michael, Bobby and Ray! A job well done!

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As in the head of Homeland Security, the governor of Louisiana and the mayor of N’Orleans-good job, gentlemen.

After all the flub ups we saw with Katrina, it seems Gustav isn’t going to have more harm than necessary. The orchestration and evacuation of hundreds of thousands of citizens is nothing short of amazing. For all the bad deals Katrina brought along, this looks like it’ll turn out much, much better.

And the evacuation isn’t without some personal responsibility. Mayor Nagen and several N’Orleans officials held press conferences today talking about harsh, harsh penalties for looters, curfew breakers, etc. But, even more, all said that opportunity after opportunity has been handed to citizens. If you choose to snub your nose at the emergency evacuation measures, “You’re on your own.”

For all the complaining we all did about how poorly Katrina was handled, let’s get just as much buzz going for the incredible, seamless evacuation and preparation job that’s being done with Gustav.

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