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A few years ago, I was a keynote speaker at the University of Central Florida. Whenever I speak at a university, I immediately become a fan of that school! So, if it’s a Saturday afternoon in October and I’m flipping around the TV, if I come across a game played at a college/university where I’ve spoken, BAM! I’m rooting for that team!

Who knew that when I spoke at UCF, I’d someday end up living about three miles from campus! Being in such close proximity, I throw my support behind the Knights whenever I can! And now that I’m in talks with the UCF athletic dept. about doing another program there later this fall, it’s even more incentive to cheer for the home team!

I was just looking around UCF’s home page and stumbled upon something exciting: “Do The Knight Thing!”

This campaign is designed to show sportsmanship, respect for the opponent and loyalty to UCF. And man, how many other schools could use something like this!

It’s sorta sad how often times school spirit turns into opposing school disrespect. The evolution from cheering for the home team has sometimes turned into jeering the opposing team. That’s not sportsmanship and really makes the hecklers look stupid. Nothing makes a worse showing than a rude fan ruining the game for everyone.

Props to the hometown UCF teams for making strides in athletics and competition!

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