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When I was in high school, Rush Limbaugh released his first book, “The Way Things Ought To Be.” He was a controversial figure of the time, but being 16 and uninterested in political stuff, I wasn’t about to read that when there was plenty of good info in Rolling Stone!

Well, a few weeks ago, I had an experience. And that experience mirrors the title of Limbaugh’s book.

We were staying the night at a Microtel near the Philly Airport. Ever stayed in a Microtel? They’re about half the size of a normal hotel room and are pretty stripped down. Like, don’t expect a closet with a complimentary iron and a hair dryer. But if you just need a place to rest for a few hours, no problem.

We pulled into the Microtel around 10 p.m. and had to be out on an 8 a.m. flight. All I wanted was sleep and more sleep. The guest services attendant at the front desk was, based on his thick accent, probably an immigrant.

Every so often, I have an issue with an establishment wanting to bar me from entering based on Carson. Almost always, the person raising a fuss is not an American born citizen. I have empathy here, not anger. I am always, ALWAYS in favor of people bettering themselves and their lot in life. To immigrate to a new country, learn a new language and deal with all the unknowns of such a life change (all for the purpose of self improvement) is impressive. If someone has made this transition, I cannot possibly expect them to know our American A.D.A. laws. Yet, this guy did!

He saw Carson and I walk into the lobby and started towards us, already raising a fuss. “Great,” I thought, “I get to educate someone when I’m already exhausted.” However, when he saw Carson’s harness, he stopped, looked surprised and went back to his post behind the desk. After we’d done all the transactions, he asked, “May I see your dog’s identification card?” Absolutely!

Every service dog owner should carry an identification card for his/her dog. The I.D. should state the dog’s name, the dog’s service and school and (hopefully) a quick summation of the A.D.A. as it relates to working animals.

I pulled Carson’s I.D. out of my wallet, handed it across the counter and smiled inwardly. “This is the way things ought to be!” I thought.

I do not expect everyone in the world to know the Americans with Disabilities Act. I don’t really even expect all Americans to know the laws! But this hotel clerk certainly did-and that’s how things ought to be.

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  • cissy

    and I’m assuming, with regard to carrying a card with regard to ADA access laws and information on a person’s disability, you would suggest the same for people who use assistive devices other than dogs?

    BTW, not all dogs are or are required to be program trained.

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