The Worst Bumper Sticker Ever

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While we were headed over to my father in law’s house for dinner last night, we witnessed something rather odd. And disturbing.

While stopped at a red light, Marvelyne began reading the rhetoric of the vehicle in front of us. One big bumper sticker said: Stop Believing, Start Thinking.”

I can only assume this is some sorta dig at Christianity. And that’s everyone’s first amendment right-to say stupid stuff.

On the opposite side of the bumper was a sticker that read: “Embarrassed Parent Of A Failing Student.”

Then, around the license plate was a frame that announced the driver was clergy from some sort of church.

Does this puzzle you, too?

It’s always kind of interesting how people have to advertise their religious thoughts and beliefs. Personally, I think my relationship between the divine and me is (gasp!) between the divine and yours truly. Not you. Not the person sitting in the car behind me. Just me and the creator. Strange how people feel the need to show off the denomination and/or the religion they align with.

With all the confusing messages, the worst had to be the “Embarrased Parent.”

Put yourself back into the mind of a kid. Everyone, even to their elderly death bed, is seeking parental acceptance and love. How many adults seek therapy due to the fact they’re still looking to be loved and accepted? It makes sense when the most primary relationship one knows is unfulfilling, doesn’t it?

Now, think about the person who’d put a “Think”-ish bumper sticker on his/her car. Chances are, this kind of person fancies himself/herself an intellectual. After all, they’ve ascended above mere mortal “belief” into “thought.”

But why didn’t they think a little further? If they had, maybe they’d understand how damaging the other bumper sticker is.

Kids want acceptance. And love. And they deserve it. If they don’t have it, they’ll seek it out in other ways; promiscuity, drugs, alcohol, disruptive behavior, etc. But when a parent doesn’t provide that love and acceptance AND the parent advertises how embarrassed they are while, at the same time pointing out the child’s shortcomings…does anyone expect this kid to grow up and not be scarred?? Like, truly, emotionally injured?

Kids need to be nurtured. And loved. And helped-no matter what. To not give this kind of support is one thing. To advertise a kid’s grades is another. And still another to be embarrassed. And still a further grievance to show it off to everyone who sees the car…just so sad any parent could do this. But even worse that he/she already thinks they’re so much more enlightened than the rest of the world.

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