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Over the summer, I read Brad Meltzer’s “Book of Fate.” If you’re not familiar with Brad’s work, think Tom Clancy mixed with Vince Flynn and add a dash of Stephen King(for the great character development). “Fate” was a fantastic story, no doubt, but what really made it endearing, for me, was Meltzer’s spice of using Freemasonry in the plot. As a Mason, hearing about all the weirdo conspiracy crap gets really old. Seems like in the last half dozen years, every other book blends in some secret society sorta stuff, trying to be the next multi-bazillion book best seller in the footprints of Dan Brown. Yet, Brad’s work, while it has some of the same elements, isn’t rooted in sensationalism and rhetoric. “The DaVinci Code” made it sound as though our fraternity is somehow responsible for the overthrow of the American government AND we all know some deep, dark secret about Jesus. Negative on both counts. Religion and politics are banned from any discussion within Masonry.

Since there is some fun and intrigue in talking about secret societies, Brad added a touch of Masonry to “Book of Fate” and it made the story all the more interesting. He did not, however, take cheap shots at Masonry nor accuse we Masons of the New World Order or protecting the recipe for Big Mac’s secret sauce.

So, I like Brad. He just seems like a real good guy. So, I wrote him and told him thanks for this portrayal in “Fate.” He sent back a nice note and now I’m on his mailing list. This is where Brad gets even more kudos…

Here’s a quick example of the sorta notes Brad sends out to his readers(edited for space, this came out in September):

No question, this has been a crazy year for Cori and our family — both good and bad — but as the new book comes out tomorrow, I just don’t think I can
send out some mass email while ignoring everything else that’s happened.

So let me start by saying thank you for getting us here — not just for voting on the title, but for the true support — for the notes and well wishes
and love that’s been sent our way when we really needed it. We’ve officially been doing this book thing for over a decade now, and as I was fighting
(again) with my Dad last night, he was insisting that I can’t possibly know every single person who buys the books.

As always, he’s wrong.

I do.

Because I know you, which ties me to all the people you’ve talked us up to. All the people you’ve sent these emails to, or stopped in bookstores, or said,
“You gotta read this book.”

And that’s why I get to do this today.

As usual, Cori will send the official email out tomorrow. And of course, would love if you could circulate it to all known breathing-type people. But
for tonight, please do know how much we appreciate all you’ve done already.

Love and hugs and mushiness,


Friends, this gracious attitude from such an accomplished author, mixed with his humility, really makes Brad the kinda person I want to sit down with and have a Big Mac. To show appreciation for the people who got him where he is, to display this wonderment and, “I can’t believe I get to live this life!” kind of excitement-this all adds up to someone who’s emotional intelligence is right where it should be. And it makes me, as a reader, feel good to know the author thinks just as much of me as I do of him.

Brad, keep writing and I’ll keep reading! And thanks again!

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