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I will travel anywhere, at any time to do keynotes for anyone who requests them.

It is nice, however, to also be able to sleep in my own bed! Although I’ve given four collegiate programs at the University of Central Florida, both nights I was able to come home, put my feet up on my own coffee table while relaxing on my own couch. Reason being, UCF is about 10 minutes from my front door!

What makes this an even more unique group of programs is my UCF client, Marcus Sedberry. In addition to being the first other Marcus I’ve ever had as a client, Marcus is also an incredibly nice, determined individual who is committed to the overall health and development of student athletes. His commitment simply shines through his work and I was so pleased to work with him!

Additionally, Marcus’ assistant, Ashley, is a grad student who made my time around UCF even more fun and memorable!

Besides the student athlete programs (which were sponsored through the CHAMPS/Life Skills portion of the NCAA), I also had an opportunity to meet with Greek Life from UCF. The Tuesday afternoon luncheon with fraternity and sorority members, not to mention a great group of nursing students, helped kick off the tour de la UCF! Thanks to Lindi Smedberg and Ashley (not the same Ashley as from athletics) for helping make this so meaningful for all those who participated!

I’d also like to thank Brennen, Sam and Jenny from the Student Athlete Council for an awesome dinner last night! It was so cool to hear that, in addition to keeping stellar GPAs and a tough practice schedule, just how much community service student athletes do every semester! Truly admirable, you guys!

Again, thank you to everyone who made this time at my new adopted home university so incredible!

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