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I just learned of a great resource with whom I share a mission: www.DUIfoundation.org

From their site, DUIfoundation.org stresses the human repercussions of impaired driving; that a single mistake can have devastating affects on not only the driver, but his/her passengers and other motorists.

But we all know this stuff, right? Everyone knows impaired driving is wrong and shouldn’t be done, right? Sure! We all know this…but there are still approximately 15, 000 individuals killed every year due to intoxicated driving.

www.DUIfoundation.org is yet another resource in the fight to reduce (and hopefully eliminate) this dangerous and senseless crime. From legislation to law enforcement to support groups to resources for those with substance abuse issues, DUIfoundation.org is a web site I’ll be visiting frequently. I hope you will, too.

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