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Sorry for the lack of postings the last week or so. I’ve been on the road a lot and now, here’s why!

Thursday, Fri. and Sat. of last week, I was exhibiting and presenting at the Bacchus Network General Assembly held in Columbus, OH. This is the third year I’ve attended G.A. and I’m always so excited to get to meet new friends and see past acquaintances!

This year, I was also excited to present with the PACE team from DeSales University on “Booze Busters.” To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time a university has partnered with a professional speaker to present a breakout session at G.A. I want to thank the PACE team for welcoming me in with open arms and congratulations on a job well done! Special thanks to Dr. Gregg Amore and Wendy Krisak for helping facilitate everything… and for one of the funnest times I’ve ever had at a conference dinner!

Side note: Friday night at G.A., there was a fire in a neighboring building. A big, stinky electrical fire. This fire caused the power grid to be switched off and hence, our hotel to be without power for nearly 12 hours. And yet? Hanging out on the street corner with the DeSales PACE team was just super fun! No one I’d rather be homeless with! And thanks to the Columbus Hyatt for handling the disaster in such a professional manner-truly one of the finer examples of customer service I’ve ever experienced!

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