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This past weekend, we journeyed to central Texas to see my stepdaughter, Maddison, in her school play of Alice in Wonderland. Maddi played the crab and did a fabulous, FABULOUS job! (and yes, I have the right to have a slanted opinion because she’s my girl!) The Belton High School students did an awesome job with the play and, maybe even more, I got something a little more meaningful out of the play…

The play wasn’t word for word “Alice”, but was a little more of an avant-garde interpretation of the famous story. Just like in the Lewis Carrol version, Alice drinks a potion that makes her gigantic (Big Alice) and then a different potion that shrinks her to two feet tall (Small Alice).

Not sure about you, but if I swallowed something that made me grow in over seven foot intervals, I might be pretty hacked off! Yet, Alice just seemed puzzled. I believe her actual words were, “This just keeps getting curiouser and curiousier…”

Curious? Growing and shrinking like that? We should all look at our adversity as something to be curious about – but instead, we just usually end up getting mad. Next time I’m faced with something weird and disruptive to my life, I’m going to try to take Alice’s attitude: just think of it as something curious.

And Maddison? Great job! I’m super proud of you! You’re my favorite crab!

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