Well, Did You Complain On Wednesday?

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Apologies for the lack of posts this Thanksgiving week. We spent this week with my extended family in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Helen, Georgia. Had a fabulous time and, with mountain air, tons of food and neverendding conversations with family, blogging was put on the backburner.

And while I wasn’t blogging, I’ve been wearing my “no complaints” bracelet now for the last several weeks. Wednesday was officially a No Complaint holiday-exactly what Rev. Will Bowen (author of “A Complaint Free World” is pushing for! And did I succeed in not complaining? Nope! But I tried! And it was a really fabulous day…probably partially because I was practicing my not complaining as dogmatically as I could.

And after this past week’s Engel’s Ensights, did you strap on a rubber band and try to live complaint free? I know several of my friends tried and I congratulate them!

More posts (with pics) coming tomorrow! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  • Susabelle

    I probably should have had my mouth duct-taped shut Wednesday. It was the worst working day I’ve had in probably two years, and with the physical pain I’m in right now while I await my December 19th surgery, it is hard not to complain!!

    But today, I’m going to try.

  • Marcus Engel

    As someone who’s had more than a fair share of pain, I know all too well how
    difficult it is NOT to complain! And if surgery is coming up soon, you have
    every right! Interesting thing…Will Bowen talks about a situation very
    similar in “A Complaint Free World.” Might be a good read for your
    recovery…not as something that’ll get you to stop complaining, but it’s just a really inspiring read-even if you don’t choose to take the challenge.

    Best of luck with the Dec. 19 operation… I’ll be thinking about you that day and sending good energies your way!

  • Susabelle

    Thanks for the kind thoughts. I’m having extensive shoulder reconstruction surgery from a rotator cuff tear and some bone growth that doesn’t belong. Each day gets more painful, and painkillers don’t help. So I’ve been cranky. At this point I want it over with so the pain can be recovery pain, stead of just more of the same pain! If that makes sense..

    I’m putting Bowen’s book on my reading list for recovery. I won’t be able to do much typing, and I’m behind on my reading anyway. It will be a good read, I’m sure!

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