How Not To Fail At Resolutions

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Do you make resolutions? If so, do you keep them?

Studies show the vast majority of folks who make resolutions end up failing to meet said promises. Shocking, right? I think the reason so many people fail is because they state a gigantic, almost unobtainable goal. Then, the icing on the cake? They set multiple goals, making it even more difficult!

Losing weight is a big goal. So is quitting smoking. So are a lot of the big lifestyle change resolutions. The thing is, one is tough, two? Really, REALLY tough.

When using the whole resolution-making time, I flash back to goal setting workshops and being SMART(acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely). Usually, resolutions include a few of these, but without the full combination of SMART, there’s no blueprint for success.

A few years ago, I sat in on a workshop given by a business expert. As an entrepreneur, he discouraged business plans, instead opting for a marketing plan. Thinking being, if you set a marketing plan into motion, the business will follow. Makes sense to me!

So when it comes to resolutions, I make small, frequent changes the goal. Like, instead of resolving to lose 40 lbs., I’m resolving to get on the treadmill for 30 minutes every day. Keeping this promise means I will, in fact, lose the extra weight. Instead of resolving to be a kinder, gentler person, I’m resolving to meditate for a minimum of five minutes every day. If I do this, a calm will certainly follow. Instead of resolving to have my best financial year ever, in spite of a slow economy, I’m making the resolution to make a minimum of 100 new contacts per week, blog at least once per week on my other blogs, and finish one new chapter per week in “The Other End Of The Stethoscope #2.” Again, when I do these things, the success I want is sure to follow.

Instead of setting ginormous goals, this year, resolve to do the little things that lead to the successes you want!

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