Is Marcus MIA?

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Well, yeah, sorta. I’m fine, just been ridiculously swamped. During the first real work week of the new year, within 10 minutes, both my computer AND Marvelyne’s computer were hit with a massive computer virus. Bam! No windows, no working machines-nothing. Even now, weeks later, we’re still trying to mop up the mess. This caused a purchase of a new machine for each of us, but mine hasn’t even arrived. Moving into a new machine, new OS and new JAWS software could mean I’ll continue to be MIA for a bit…but cross your fingers it all works out okay.

Secondly, mE’s mother had surgery and that same week, my parents arrived into town to start their snowbird vacation. We were hopping for a few days, but it’s so good to have family visit at any time.

Thirdly (is that a word?), it’s just been life in general. Early last week, I spoke at Detroit Country Day School and, if the 200 new Facebook friends is any indication, the students had as good of a time as I! Pics to come as soon as our computer systems get a little more established.

And now? Here I sit, on my couch, feet up with a remote in hand, ready to watch the Superbowl! Actually, I could care less about who’s playing the game-I just want to see The Boss do his thang!

With Tom Petty last year, and Springsteen this year, I’m glad to see the NFL getting rock icons to perform the halftime show…the days of Brittany Spears out there wearing a sock on her arm are over…and should stay that way. So, bring on the Boss!

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