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As you may read on EE blog, I’m a Shriner. Funny hats, little cars, good times and a whole, WHOLE lot of love and financial support for the Shriners Hospitals for children.

At every stated meeting, different clubs within the Shrine present checks to help out the hospitals (for kids with orthapedic injuries, birth defects or burns, Shriners Hospitals offer free care. Like, totally free-even transportation).

At this past meeting, a club got up and presented a check from a fundraiser…for nearly $10,000. That’s five figures, folks! And that was just one presentation but, by far, the largest I’ve seen since becoming a Shriner a year ago.

Following the $10K presentation, another fellow stood up to make a check presentation, this one for $50. That’s $50, no extra zeros at the end. Looked kinda paltry after the $10K check presentation.

But then, we got to hear the story…

There’s a little hole-in-the-wall bar and grill near the Shrine Club building in Sanford, Florida. After some of the meetings, Shriners will stop in for a libation or two. They’ve gotten to know the owner and the wait staff and, as Shriners usually are, they’re generous with tips.

Completely on their own, with no Shriner involvement whatsoever, this bar decided to do a little fundraiser during the Superbowl. During that fundraiser, they came up with $50. That check was passed along to our stated meeting and went right into the transportation fund.

When you get the story, it makes that $50 seem a lot, lot bigger. Why? Because the bar didn’t have to do that. They have no obligation to raise funds for any chairity, much less for ours. They’re not founded around a mission of philanthropy-they’re just a bar. And they didn’t have to do anything…they just wanted to.

And that, faithful reader, is the kind of donation that makes $10K donations seem a little less grand…and $50 to seem a whole, whole lot more valueable.

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