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I’m no fan of B.S., denial and all around entitlement issues. That’s why I’ve been enjoying, “C’Mon, People!” by Bill Cosby so much.

Cosby has caught a lot of flack for calling out African Americans for, what he says, is an attitude which glorifies the negative which, in turn, diminishes the work of MLK, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman and Fredrick Douglas.

In “C’Mon, People!” he even adds sidebars to chapters called, perfectly, “Call Outs.” These call outs are from well respected, educated individuals who share a montra of personal responsibility, as Cosby does. Here’s a comment from Dr. George McKenna which, I think, summarizes some important points for everyone…forget your race, this is good advice for humanity:

“We have to look at ourselves. We can’t be embarrassed by that, or offended by the one who holds up the mirror. Let’s say, ‘Okay, we know we got some problems. Let’s try to deal with them and stop blaming other folks.’” Now, when we underachieve, we compare ourselves to some other underachievers and celebrate being the best of the pitiful. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of insanity. When you create an alternative reality and believe where you are is normal, you are insane.”

Whatcha think? Have you created your own version of reality? I’m guilty of this in the past, but (I hope), never again. It’s denial, pure and simple…and I choose to live in the real world, not a world I’ve mentally created where I feel more comfortable.

How about you? Have you ever re-written reality, just to make yourself happy? We all know reality can’t REALLY be re-written, but there are sometimes those who, after working really, really hard at it, can choose to view things to their favor-no matter which way reality falls. Those are the people who are infuriating and pathetic at the same time. And ya know? I’ve been one of these people. But after choosing to view reality instead of the pitiful world I’d created, I saw how reality, when looked at straight on, isn’t nearly as intimidating as we usually think it is.

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