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February has always been Grammy month. For a music lover like moi, this is a big thing. When I was 14 and smack dab in the middle of my O.G. phase, I’d fire up the old VCR (remember those?), tape the Grammys and watch L.L. Cool J and Run DMC over and over and over again. Ah, good times!
But this year I admit I just wasn’t that interested. This could mean I’m getting old, or that the glitz just isn’t as impressive without Adidas sweat suits and ginormous gold chains. Yee-ahhh, boyz!
Either way, the day after the broadcast I heard a story from behind the scenes that made me wish I’d paid more attention. A couple hours before the curtain lifted, one of the acts pulled a No Show. The panicked producers began to brainstorm on who could pull off a last minute – Grammy worthy performance. Justin Timberlake had just finished his dress rehearsal when the producer cornered him. Seeing the look of panic on the producers face – before even knowing the problem, Timberlake immediately asked, “What can I do to help?”
Within half an hour, they’d pieced together an all-star duet by the Rev. Al Green and Justin Timberlake, backed up by Boyz II Men with Keith Urban on guitar. Even if you’re not a fan of any of these musicians, ya gotta admit, it’s a ton of talent for one stage to hold!
In a moment of crisis, when someone steps up to do something that isn’t required, we usually call that person a hero. I may not go so far as to call Justin Timberlake a hero, but the producer sure might!
Truthfully, I’m not even real familiar with Justin Timberlake’s music (other than “In A Box” from SNL – one of the funniest moments on that show… EVER!)
But, I am a HUGE fan of the, “What can I do to help?” attitude.
The reality is, we’re living in some tough times. Some may even call it a crisis. No doubt about it, the economy and all the stress revolving around, well, pretty much everything might make you want to be the one looking to receive help. But here’s something I believe is important: If you’re feeling vulnerable – stop! Help someone else!
Having the “What can I do to help?” attitude immediately makes one feel prosperous and fortunate. And the help doesn’t have to be financial; there are so many ways to offer assistance to another. And when you do, you’ll automatically feel a little more stable and secure.
Anyone with any amount of success who is honest will tell you they didn’t do it alone. We all need a little help, now and then. When you see another’s crisis and step in to offer help, it creates a reciprocal attitude that will come back to help in your moments of need. That’s just how the universe works.
Lend a hand. Give a dollar. Share your prosperity. Step in at the last moment to do a duet with Al Green (wouldn’t mind doing this myself!) Whatever you can do to help another is assistance that benefits… everyone!
Marcus Engel is a professional speaker/author who inspires audiences to achieve success by making intelligent choices. Blinded by a drunk driver at age 18, Marcus battled through two years of recovery and 300 hours of reconstructive facial surgery to reach his goal of returning to college. After graduating from Missouri State University in 2000, Marcus began sharing his story professionally to audiences nationwide. In 2002, Marcus founded his own publishing company with the release of his autobiography, “After This…An Inspirational Journey For All the Wrong Reasons.” His latest book, “The Other End of the Stethoscope” was released October 2006. His messages of empowerment and motivation have been witnessed by hundreds of thousands through his keynotes, his autobiography and his monthly newsletters. Marcus Engel is a speaker, a message, a story you will never forget! Visit http://www.MarcusEngel.com for more information!
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