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As a Kappa Sigma fraternity pledge back in 1997, I had to memorize a great deal of fraternity history. Not just my own fraternity, mind you, but of the fraternity system in general. One of the first things I was required to know was a little something called the Union Triad.

Union College (just outside Albany, NY) is an institution with such a rich history. The traditions there are just as long-standing as any university in the country. The architecture, the birthplace of the Greek letter fraternity system, the high academic standards-just a fabulous place to be!

Last summer at the AHEAD conference in Reno, the Disability Support Services professional at Union, Shelly Shinebarger, picked up a copy of my book. I hate that she and I didn’t get to meet in Reno because she has just been such a terrific person since we’ve been communicating! Upon reading “After This…” Shelly wanted to share me with the Union community. Awesome for me because, with all the work I do in the Greek system nationwide, it was sweet to go back to the mother land!

Thanks to Shelly for being such a fantastic client and great person (let’s be sure to try to grab dinner in Louisville this summer!) and Timothy Dunn, the director of Greek life (who is just one funny guy)! A special shout out to Andie and Liv for being my text messaging buddies after the program… the reaction and impact you guys showed from my program is the reason I do what I do!

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