MADD-Florida and Law Enforcement Recognition Conference

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On Sunday and Monday, March 15 and 16, Mothers Against Drunk Driving-Florida held their annual Law Enforcement Recognition Event. A candlelight vigil of remembrance and hope, a recognition banquet for some of The Sunshine State’s top cops and just fun and fellowship with people who also fight the good fight!

Folks, there are a bazillion ways to help in the battle against impaired driving. There’s prevention like I do, there’s personal responsibility, there’s liquor control, there’s the bar and restaurant owners and training for those who serve alcohol, there’s the law enforcement component, there’s prosecution and about a million other ways we try to deter this tragic crime. But ya know? The cops are one of the biggest parts – a \nd that’s why it was so cool to work with Florida’s finest!

To be recognized at this event, a Florida law enforcement officer must have at least 100 DUI arrests. Impressive, huh? Yep, sure is… but what’s even more impressive is just how many cops actually pull in triple digit DWI arrests! The list went on and on and on! Amazing! Then, the truly amazing thing occurred – recognition of a cop with over 1000 lifetime DWI arrests. Really, REALLY impressive! But… it got better! A cop with over 3000 lifetime arrests! These are numbers that are tough to comprehend – but that show such, SUCH a great commitment to ridding the streets of impaired drivers.

Special thanks to MADD-Florida, executive director Don Murray, Jen Alban and Kristen Allen for being such incredible hosts and clients! Thanks to Steve and Barb Kirkpatrick for picking up the dinner tab and for their commitment to stopping DUI. And thanks especially to all Florida law enforcement officers for simply doing what you do – people like me are darned appreciative!

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