“This Will Be My Biggest Challenge”

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A few weeks ago, one of the teeth on my bridgework broke off. This happens every so often and it’s a quick run to the dentist to get it fixed. The thing is, my dentist is now 1000 miles away.

So, when this happened a few weeks ago, I was headed out the door the next morning for seven days of speaking engagements. Oh, what to do? Stand up in front of thousands of people with a giant tooth gap? Or visit a “regular” dentist nearby who isn’t a super specialist like my guy back in STL? I chose the local option.

Well, that fix lasted for a couple of weeks until some chicken tenders for lunch on Wednesday gave me a recurrence of the issue. This time to another dentist.

However, this dentist I visited yesterday turned out to be an awesome experience! Not only does he have a state of the art office, complete with flat screen monitors everywhere where you can see your own X rays and medical history, but his staff was about as warm and welcoming as I’ve ever experienced. Where some doctor’s offices balk at Carson, this office had at least half a dozen office employees who stood in line to pet him!

So, back to the dentist himself… after looking at my X-rays and visually inspecting my bridgework, I asked him how long this current bridgework may last. “At least a couple more years,” he said. My dentist back in St. Louis is retiring this summer, so there’s every chance someone else will be creating the new prosthetics. When I told my new Orlando dentist this, he was very honest and humble:

“Marcus, when that time comes, I can try. This will be the most difficult prosthetic I’ve ever created. I can’t promise it will work, but I can try. If you’d prefer to go to a super specialist that does projects like this regularly, that’s certainly your decision, but please know I’d be happy to try.”

I LOVE his honesty! My mouth is my money maker, and I don’t want to waste his time. So, imagine when the time comes, I’ll turn to the super specialist. Still, I appreciate his humility of informing me this isn’t his usual area of expertise. I want to know that my doctor knows his limitations and won’t go in guns a-blazin’ if he’s not 110% certain there will be a favorable outcome.

This type of humility and honesty is what will keep me coming back to this doctor. No arrogance, no promises he can’t keep, just a true desire to do what is best for his patient. And if you need a dentist in my hometown – I know a guy!

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