Thanks For The Birthday Wishes, Friends!

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Yep, the big 34 came and went yesterday…no longer can I be the double trace year…but alas, it’s better than the allternative, right?

Just want to say THANK YOU to all the friends who sent Happy Birthday E mails, Facebook posts, and calls-you guys rock!

And even though this sounds a little like a used car sales pitch, I did a little contest via Facebook. Around noon yesterday, I posted my status which was a little something like this:

Marcus is celebrating his 34th birthday! So, in celebration, the first ten people who send me a private message WITH your mailing address will get a free copy of my book. Ready…set…GO!

In less than five minutes, I’d had over a dozen messages with addresses. The winners were two friends from Detroit Country Day, an old buddy from Camp Mo-Val, a MADD friend from West Palm, a (hopefully soon) client from Virginia and another person from Jersey who’s name I know, but can’t remember how we know one another. All in all, an awesome way to distribute some books to folks and have a little fun doing it!

Thanks again, everyone, for making birthday #34 so awesome!

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