Livin’ In The ‘Used To’

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Last night, I attended a meeting with some pretty heated discussions. The reason doesn’t matter, it was the typical inefficient meeting with people bantering back and forth about the best way to get things accomplished-never realizing that their arguing is preventing ANYTHING from being accomplished.

At one point, a question was posed, “Why are we doing it like this?” To which an answer was given, “That’s what’s required.” The retort: “Well, it didn’t used to be like that.”

(Insert best “cut the BS comment I’ve heard in a while):

“We’re not livin’ in the ‘used to be.’ We’re living in the now and want to get it right for the future.”

Love it!

Do you ever find yourself living in the ‘used to be”? When you’re pining for the “old days” or how things have formerly been done? To me, constantly looking back means you can’t get a good view of the future. It’s also something (I feel) makes you get old real, real quick.

We can live in the “used to be”, or we can face reality that now is…which would you rather embrace?

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