Just Say “Thank You…”

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This week, one of my best buds, Tim Hubbard, arrives home from his second tour of duty as an Army Reservist in Iraq. We haven’t talked yet, but I’m so looking forward to catching up with him and getting re-acquainted after he’s been gone the last year.

Just as Tim is returning home, I heard a quick snippet on the Dave Glover Show (97.1 FM in St. Louis) about a recent study done. Actually, less of a study and more of an opinion poll. The activity was, I believe, conducted by the University of Illinois on what our service men and women most want from the public when they return from overseas tours.

The vast majority of armed services personnel said they didn’t want anything except to know their service is appreciated. In their words, “Just say ‘Thank you.'”

Tim has been my buddy for nearly 15 years, so with him, it goes a little deeper than simply saying, “Thank you.” He’ll probably get a Vegas trip or something out of it! But that’s just one thing I can do…what can you do?

We can all fulfill the request from our brave military men and women by simply saying, “Thank you…” I hope you will, too.

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