Same Transportation, Same Location, Different Destination

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Ever had one of those situations with someone about how to get somewhere? Not like choosing a route, but more a way to get to a destination in the more esoteric sorta way?

Lately, I’ve been involved with a situation in an organization to which I belong. We all want the same outcome, some folks just have a very staunch opinion of how to achieve that outcome. In a nutshell, we all want the same thing…the difference just lies in how to accomplish it.

On a recent flight, we were talking about this idea. Today, we took a flight from Branson, MO to Sanford, FL. There were approximately 150 people on board. Me, my wife and around 145 passengers boarded the plane, found our seats and sat back for the two hour flight. The flight attendants boarded early and had to work (including one flight attendant who was overheard complaining because another passenger dropped his cell phone in the toilet and wanted the flight attendant to reach in and pull it out.) Then, there were the pilots on the flight deck. They had to talk to the control tower, take off, pay attention to the on board computer, land the plane and taxi up to the jetway.

Where did we all end up? Sanford Intl. Airport. Did every person on the flight have the same experience getting there? Not hardly.

When working in any group, it soon becomes apparent how most everyone wants to accomplish some goal…it’s just the difference of opinion on how to reach that goal.

Think of this next time you’re working with others-what is the best, most efficient way to accomplish the mission? Then, realize your opinions aren’t always going to align with those of others. Yet, if we want the same goal and we’re all willing to work for it, that’s a prime example of the give and take of every relationship…and the reason for the give and take to occur is simply because we all come from different backgrounds and personalities. I wish you luck in your inter-personal dealings…and your flights, too.

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