There’s No Such Thing As Coincidence

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I often hear the phrase, “There’s no such thing as coincidence.”

I have had “chance happenings” in my life that have such an astronomically small possibility of happening that it can’t really be called “coincidence.” The first that comes to mind is my random acquaintance of Ron Graham when I first went to the Seeing Eye, Inc. in Morristown, NJ in 1995…only to discover Ron had lost his sight in a car crash the exact same night as I. 1000 miles of Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas lay between our homes, but then, 2000 miles from either of our homes, only a dining room table separated us.

Dick Cavett, the former television personality, writes a blog for the NY Times on coincidences. The story of Ron and I was sent in by Henry (Bleu) Beathard, Ron’s father-in-law. Here’s the link:

Seven years after our first meeting, Ron introduced me to someone who became my best friend…and four years later became my wife. Maybe it’s true: There ARE no such things as coincidences.

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