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Tonight, had a really pleasant dinner with some extended family.

Not to air all the dirty laundry that every family has, but within some of my relatives’ relationships, tension exists. Folks have had hurt feelings, rejection, embarassment, self righteousness and all the typical emotions that we humans endure. Some of these folks have gone for years without speaking to one another. This is just sad.

I’ve been in family wars. I’ve seen the hurt we humans can inflict on others. It’s weilded for no good reason and yet…it takes a HUGE amount of courage to stop these trends.

I’m super proud of what I witnessed tonight: relatives who may not have had any contact in months or years, all gathered together and enjoying one another’s company. Letting the past be water under the bridge, quietly admitting their own shortcomings, forgiving those of others and, above all else…moving on.

Relationships are so much more important than being right.

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