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Okay, so that’s not really the title of anything…

Last week, I was honored to work with two elements of the TRIO program in Kansas. Educational Talent Search helps identify middle school students who are underprivledged and/or have a parent who didn’t go to college in order to help these students see their education as a priority. Folks, these are good tax dollars at work, helping to educate, inspire and motivate young people to help take their life up another notch from whence they came.

Now, second part of the TRIO event was with high school students in the Upward Bound program. These teens have been identified as having some of the same criteria as the other TRIO students, but with gifts in math and sciences (seriously, even though some of my audience was only 14 or 15, I felt stupid around these kids!They’re just that smart!)

A HUGE thanks goes to Michael Rose for being such a fantastic client, such an inspiration to his students and a walking example of turning your life up a notch.

Thanks to all the TRIO students who attended the event at Coffeyville, KS and for all the Facebook sign-ups!

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