Do We All Need To Be Part Of Something?

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Last week I was listening to Springsteen. Surprise, surprise-I listen to The Boss about every day.

Yeah, I’m an E Street Junkie, no doubt, but I also think Springsteen has some lyrics that are just undeniably true. I take those lyrics, apply them to my life and…voila! A new EE post!

This time, it was “Hungry Heart.” In this famous tune, Bruce sings, “I don’t care what anybody says, there ain’t nobody who wants to be alone.”

I know a couple of confirmed bachelors who would disagree with this…but I know a whole, WHOLE lot more folks who are represented by these words. The need for human relationships is one of our strongest desires. I think we all desire to have relationships with depth, meaning and truth.

So, a couple days later, I was at the Kappa Sigma Grand Conclave. Joining Kappa Sigma (which I did back in the summer of 1997) is still one of the best choices I’ve ever made. To speak at Conclave in front of 1000 of my brothers was truly awesome; personally AND professionally.

While at Conclave, it was cool to walk the lobby and halls with guys I’d never before met, yet those who’ve been through an identical experience. That common ground gives us an automatic relationship; as it does for every fraternity member.

Whether it’s a deep interpersonal relationship like Bruce is singing about, or it’s a wider net of brotherhood, we all have the need for human connection. If we can help others realize this desire, it helps put us one step closer to our own goals.

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