Go Hoosiers!

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What do you get when you put 3200 Hoosiers and one Marcus in the same room? Fun, that’s what!

Indiana University’s Culture Fest is a huge component of the freshman Welcome Week experience – and an opportunity for students to learn the value and excitement of diversity. So, what’s a small town white boy from Missouri doing talking about different cultures? A lot, actually!

See, as we discussed at Culture Fest, everyone has a story. And every story has a message behind it. IU freshmen learned my story and, hopefully, that gives a little inspiration to share their stories-and to learn from those of others.

Special thanks to Melanie Payne, Patrick Hale, Tyler Coward and Kaley for being such awesome hosts! Oh, and to Melanie for running around Culture Fest loading me up on ethnic food – yummy! Thanks for all the FaceBook sign ups and awesome comments, too-totally makes my day to know I’ll be remembered at IU!

Go Hoosiers!

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