Children’s Hospital Association of Texas (CHAT)

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Friday, October 9th. No better way to recognize the 16 year anniversary of the loss of my sight than to help the profession that helped me to recover. The Childrens Hospital Association of Texas is comprised of nurses and hospital representatives from hospitals specializing in pediatrics across the great state of Texas. Hey, you never have to twist my arm to go to Texas, but this was especially cool!

On the Corpus Christi Bay, with salty winds and muggy air, I met some fine, fine nurses who have such passion for helping young people. At the top of this list is Dee Evans, my client, contact and now friend! Couldn’t ask for a finer person to work with and I’m trying hard to schedule some time to get to her hospital and observe the great work they do!

And, you’d think at a conference about children’s hospitals, there’d be some kids…but one of my favorite new acquaintances wasn’t a kid at all, but Dee’s mom! So much fun getting to know the relations of my clients!

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