Happy New Years!

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Well, it’s three days into 2010 and I’m already behind on one of this year’s resolutions. Shocking, I know.

As with the last several years, I’ve always had the goal to blog daily. To hit that 365 blogs posted by Dec. 31 is always what I’m shooting for…and over the four plus years of blogging, it’s a goal I’ve only hit once. But this year, I’m going to give it the ol’ college try once again, so here goes!

My stepson, Jordan, is a notoriously bad texter. Half the time he and I chit chat by text, I have to write back: “What?” Either he’s just bad at spelling or trying to type too fast or doing it under his desk while the professor lectures, it usually comes through as some garbeldy gook I need a magic decoder ring to translate.

So, a few minutes after midnight on Jan. 1, a text popped up from Jordan. It read: Happy New Years!

While there’s nothing in here to make spellcheck get all whacked out, I’m pretty sure he meant to repeat the new year greeting as it’s intended. That is, in the singular form: Happy new year.

But, why not plural? Why can’t we wish one another multiple years of happiness?

The old addage: Today is the first day of the rest of your life…any different than happy new years?

Both look forward to the future. Both are showing a desire for others to celebrate in the joy and happiness of life. And, whether it’s from Jordan’s text message, or just because we’ve got only one chance to go around on this big blue sphere in the heavens, I’m taking advantage of it.

So, happy new years to you, faithful blog reader…I promise more reading pleasure in 2010!

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