Dirt Cookies and Prayer

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In the wake of the recent devastation in Haiti from the 7.0 earthquake, I’m reminded of a blog post from Engel’s Ensights a couple years back. The article was titled, “Dirt Cookies.”

Haiti, being the poorest country in the western hemisphere, has poverty that makes inner city ghettos and Appalachia look like the Ritz-Carlton. Seriously, folks, we cannot even comprehend poverty this bad. Hence why the entire country fell down when the earthquake hit-no money, no jobs equals no quality infrastructure.

Back to dirt cookies…the article I’d read and later blogged about, concerned one of the foods of Haiti. The poorest of the poor in Haiti had begun to make dirt cookies…for consumption. Dirt, lard, salt mixed together and left in the sun to bake. Awful to think any human beings must eat dirt to survive.

Now, in Haiti, we’re hearing that there may be as many as 100,000 people dead. In all actuality, with as poor as the country is, they’ll likely not be able to properly identify all the quake victims. Thus, may never have an accurate account of the total loss of life.

Here in America, our minds have been on ourselves. Our economy sucks, our unemployment keeps moving up, things don’t look real great. But ya know what? We have the ability to help the Haitians. True, we may have to give up a couple of cups of cofffee a week, but those dollars spent on java can easily go to help the relief efforts.

And if this economy has truly hit you too hard to spare any financial donations, do something that doesn’t cost money: pray. Or send good energy. Guided meditation-whatever you can do to help, even if it’s just staying up on the Haitian news to be able to share that news with others…remember: we Americans live in the richest country on earth. We CAN do something to help…

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