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Unless you simply don’t watch TV, there’s every chance you know Dr. Oz. Oprah first started bringing Dr. Oz around on her show to help inform viewers about different medical issues. His true gift is being able to communicate health matters in a down to earth way. After all, how many of us know our poop should be S-shaped thanks to Dr. Oz?

I just started reading Dr. Oz’s “You: On A Diet.” I found the title kinda intriguing since, as we’ve learned for years, diets don’t work long term. It has to be a lifestyle change to really have lasting effects. Nonetheless, I enjoyed “You: The Owner’s Manual” a few years back, so I dove into “Diet” a night or two ago.

And again, I’m so impressed by the way information is communicated. And since we’re in the final stages of finishing up “Stethoscope #2”, it just reinforces how vital patient/provider communication is to keeping patients informed and healthy.

My B.S. from Missouri State is in sociology. Most typically, I call sociology “The most useless science on earth.” But, that’s so not true. Unless you are seeking a Ph.D., no one will ever give you a job as a sociologist, but sociology will help whatever job you do; sales, education, whatever. Same with a degree in communications.

Being able to send and receive information is more key now than ever before. “You” does just that.

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