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Special for those who read Engel’s Ensights is a bit of exciting info!

Several months ago, my sister-in-law, Martha Munizzi, read “After This…” She loved the concept, especially the scene where I was at rehab school in Denver and did the drop.

An opprotunity came up to enter a film contest and, lo and behold, we’re doing it! The last several weeks of inactivity on Engel’s Ensights blog have been due to casting calls, screenwriting sessions, rehersals, filming, editing, soundtracks and everything that goes into creating a short film.

It’s a heck of an undertaking to condense nearly two years of experiences down into a seven minute short film…but we’ve done it! The editing and final touches should be completed within a week and shipped off to the contest! When the film is available for public viewing, bet your fur it’ll be up on Engel’s Ensights!

For now? Just hold on tight…when this film is done, we’re hoping to turn it into a full length presentation. Who knows? Your friendly neighborhood blogger could be hitting the big screen soon!

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