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I just saw one of the strangest Facebook bits yet. Go to info on a person’s profile and you’ll often see the person’s favorite movies, TV shows, books and quotes.

Today, a grown man (in his 30s) with a couple kids had this listed as his favorite books: “Life is too short to read.”

Really? I understand when people put LMAO for books. They’re not readers. No biggie. No rule saying you have to be. But thinking that life is too short to read?

If life is too short (which it really is), shouldn’t we all embrace things like:

Life is too short to hate
Life is too short to hold grudges
Life is too short to be petty

For yours truly, life without books isn’t really worth living. I so enjoy reading that it’s just crazy to think of a world where I couldn’t go get lost in a novel. I’ve learned so, so much from the lives of others through a book’s interpretation. It just baffles my mind…how can life be too short to read?

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