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Net connection was down half the day, my Victor Stream digital audio reader was out of juice which meant I had to return to the age old time killer: the tube.

Flipping around on the History Channel, I came across an interview with an expert at the Smithsonian…and learned some stuff.

First off, the Smithsonian rep discussed how agonizing it is to hear parents and grandparents telling their children things that aren’t historically fact. For example, the original Star Spangled Banner…

If you’re walking through the Smithsonian and see a ginormous flag, your brain might jump to all the things you know about the flag. It was sewn by Betsy Ross, her flag flew over Fort McHenry and was spotted by Francis Scott Key when he penned the poem, yada yada yada.

But, you’d be wrong. In all actuality, Betsy Ross had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of our American flag. True, she was a seamstress in Boston. True, she knew George Washington. But past that? Nada.

Once our American flag was born, Betsy Ross’ son (who would get a great job in PR these days) went around telling everyone how his mother sewed Old Glory. But, he was simply a big, fat liar. And yet? How many of us were taught this in school? MMy hand is raised!

Several weeks ago, I was having dinner with a friend and we were discussing someone we both know loosely, but neither of us would consider a friend. MY friend said something I didn’t believe…an outlandish claim made by our acquaintance. I called B.S. on that and asked my friend if she believed it. Her response?

“Well, I guess I’ve heard him say it enough times that I don’t think he can be lying.”

Really? So, if someone says something repeatedly, it gains more credibility?

Sadly, that’s true. It was back in the late 1700s when Betsy’s son was spreading HIS B.S….and it happens today.

Maybe the older I get, the more skeptical I get. And maybe that’s not a bad thing. But hearing things, both like this episode on History AND the convo with my friend, make me question much of what I believe.


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