Is Valentine’s Day Politically Incorrect?

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Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!

Chances are, unless you’re in a relationship, Valentine’s Day pretty much blows for you. Looking over the Facebook statuses of my friends the last several days, there seems to be as much hatred as love going around!

And really, this makes sense. I think it’s human nature to want to be in relation with others. I also think it’s human nature to want to be in a close, intimate relationship with one other person. That doesn’t mean monogamy because, we all know, there are plenty of folks who can’t seem to only sleep with their spouse. But I DO think most folks have a desire to be bonded with another human being. And thus, we have Valentine’s Day. A day filled with references to love, relationships, intimacy, etc.

Let’s think about people who do NOT have a special someone to fill that intimacy need. First thought is about single people. These are the people most likely to be disgruntled about having all the lovey dovey stuff shoved down their throat. But, I couldn’t help think of a few other factions of folks:

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you if your partner is deceased?

What does it mean if your loved one is dying?

What about if that person is serving in the military overseas? Incarcerated? Out of town on business? Divorced from you? Separated?

There are so, so many people who Valentine’s is a painful holiday. Today, while you’re (hopefully) spending time with your special someone, give a few thoughts (and maybe a call or a card) to those who you know who may not have a special someone with them…

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