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It’s no real secret that I’m kinda a control freak. I’m type A, I like planning, execution and efficiency. In that order. Yet, the world doesn’t always go the way things are planned. For control freaks like me, this can throw a whole monkey wrench into the mix.

For example, if you’ve kept up with me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen that the last few months have been spent getting my newest health care book finished. Well, it finally got sent off to the typesetter this morning! Keep your fingers crossed, but it should be in hard copy and ready to distribute by early April. Yippie!

For the last couple of years of taking notes, observing scenarios, etc. that have been turned into this book, I’ve planned on the title: “The Other End Of The Stethoscope: 33 MORE Insights For Excellent Patient Care.”

Last week, I got a call from one of my distributors. He said that when their buyers see two books with such similar titles, they often cancel each other out. I.E., instead of buying both as a set, they’ll buy neither. We certainly don’t want that. So, what to do? Change the title!

Now, I’ve never been emotionally married to “Stetho #2” for a title. Still, that’s how I’ve referred to it for the last couple years. Now that it’s about to be published? The title has changed. It will be, “I’m Here: Compassionate Communication In Patient Care.”

It’s just one of those things; I’ve had to learn that the way it was planned tain’t going to happen. So, we change. We adapt. And hopefully, that also means growth.

Now, throw in another situation:

This Friday, we’ll be flying to Missouri. It’s time to see family, but the most important things on the schedule are my grandmother’s 90th birthday party, and a keynote lecture for the Team Spirit reunion in Jefferson City.

Then this morning? The phone rang. It’s my lawyer. In late 2005, I was denied access to a taxi in St. Louis due to Carson’s presence. While I hate the idea of suing anyone, I’m not willing to allow my civil rights to be trampled upon. It’s taken the better part of tive years, but it’s finally time to sit down with the lawyers, give the depositions, listen to the other depositions and, if necessary, go to court. While I’m ready and willing to do whatever has to be done, it throws that monkey wrench back in our travel plans.

Also just got a call from my mother in law. My wife’s 94 year old grandmother will, in all likelihood, pass away within the next week. She’s ready to go and I think everyone will be happy, for her sake, when she finally gets some relief. There is a strong possibility that her passing will also cause us to alter our travel schedule.

Right now is such a perfect opportunity for me to work on being Zen. Whatever will be, will be. And even to recognize this is a decent step for a control freak like me.

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