The Drop Is Finally Done!

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Yep, that’s right! You can finally view “The Drop”, a seven minute short film adapted from “After This…” Check it out on the official movie site:

I’d love any feedback you’d care to give, too! We’re so totally excited that, in the 100 hours it’s been out, we’ve already had 2500 views!

Voting and viewing are the name of the game here, friends…the more votes, the more likely we are to be able to create a full length feature based on the life of yours truly.

Please, PLEASE help us win this current contest we’re in with:

by viewing the movie and voting at

As always, HUGE thanks go to my wife for creating such an awesome screenplay, my sis-in-law, Martha Munizzi, and all the actors, crew and helpers it took to make “The Drop” a reality!

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    I finally had time to watch this tonight. I am encouraging my tutors as well as the rest of the BVU campus to watch and vote! Awesome short film! Thanks for doing this!

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