The Price Of The First Amendment

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Several days ago, an Orlando tween went missing. No sign of her for several days and the worst was expected: a predator had snatched the child. However, the reality wasn’t nearly as bad as the potential.

This girl had set out on an adventure. In one of her classes, she was reading a book about a girl who went out on an adventure into some remote region. The Orlando student thought this sounded like a fun idea and did the same. Thing is, there’s way too much thick wilderness around these parts known as conservation areas.

In the closest conservation area to our home, one cannot walk more than four feet into the woods without tall boots and a machete. Seriously. A few years back, my stepdaughter needed to get some rocks and sticks for a class project and we set out into the wilderness…and made it no more than a yard past the treeline.

Okay, so back to the girl. Apparently, this young girl also has As
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