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Lsast night, I played an acoustic set with my buddy, C.J. “Pappa Capps” Jurnigan for a chairity event.

Dan, a friend of C.J.’s and now mine, had an interesting experience. As a guy in his mid-20s, he was making good bread, living the life he wanted and was invited to go on a church trip to Honduras to do some missionary work. He’d done mission trips before, but this time, he felt led to a certain area of Honduras. There, he found a group of children living in a village. These kids were all the product of incest, rape and molestation and are outcasts in the community. This is when Dan’s mission trip became a mission of his own.

He’s made it his mission to help these children by teaching them to help themselves. In addition to helping feed and clothe them, he’s also teaching them the responsibility of community. They’re shown every day that they CAN play a part in their own development and their community by picking up litter off the beach.

Dan has just achieved 501C3 status for his organization, and last night’s event was the first fund/awareness raiser he’s had. The org is so new, in fact, that their web site isn’t yet fully developed. Please stay tuned to EE for updates on Dan’s progress and for opprotunities to help out the less fortunate of Central America.

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