Resetting With Help From The Sandman

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Do you ever get stressed out? Of course-we all do. How do you deal with the pressure?

When I get stressed, I tend to get into a funk. I.E., I don’t tend to be stressed, take a few deep breaths and de-stressify myself. Instead, I get anxious and keep that anxiety around for many hours. This eats at me, I know it’s not healthy and yet? It’s really tough to change. Not that I’m not trying, but it’s become my pattern and habit.

I was speaking with a friend recently about this. Her suggestion? Go to bed. And early. Write the day off as a bad day, go to bed early and tell yourself that when you wake up in the morning, yesterday is over. Then, specifically mae the choice NOT to let yesterday become today.

Sound advice. And ya know? It works.

Next time you’re stressed, do the natural thing (after screaming at your spouse, I mean!)…just go to bed. The most natural way for the body to heal is sleep. And let’s face it…stress is an injury. It hurts our immune system, our digestive system, our nervous system. It just sucks. Sleep…and when you wake up, it’s a new day.

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