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Have you seen “The Drop”? If not, check it out at:

This is the seven minute short film we created earlier this year for a film contest. That gave us the itch to create a full length feature film based on my autobio, “After This…” For years, folks have told me “After This…” would make a great movie. And, having heard this so many times, I finally started to believe it.

Lately, we’ve shifted this deisre into high gear. No promises yet on if this is going to happen, but we’re sure pushing forward!

I recently spoke to a gentleman in the film industry who does budget breakdowns for full length features. Of course, being a businessman, my mind is constantly fluttering around on how we can make this film, market it, make it a huge hit. When I started speaking with the budget breakdown guy, he said simply, “There are other people who need to worry about the marketing, Marcus. Your job is to just keep the passion for the project. If you keep putting one foot in front of the other, that passion will get this movie into production.”

I marinated on that a while and decided he’s right. While I can help with marketing, etc., my biggest gift is simply having the story. Done. And how much of life’s successes is simply because someone keeps putting one foot in front of the next?

If I were super sensitive, I’d have given up on this project already. The first time someone told me how much it costs just to edit a film, I’d have been out. The first time I heard about how few films are bought, I’d have given up. But, we haven’t yet. And we’re going to keep knocking on doors, meeting with folks and pushing forward until we’ve exhausted every possibility. And then? We’re going to start on a different route…but now? I’m content to take that budgeter’s advice and keep putting one foot in front of the next.

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