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Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a bit of a diva when it comes to clothing. I love to shop for clothes, I love it when my closet is busting at the seems (no pun intended) with new clothes and stuff I really love.

Having said that, I’m no fashionista (is that really a word?) I don’t spend a ton of time learning the latest trends or flipping through fashion mags or the like. And I could not possibly care less about a designer’s touch and taste.

Still, because I dig clothes, I don’t throw a fit when I walk in on my wife watching Project Runway. I might even pay attention for, oh, about 60 seconds.

Last night, I caught a recent episode of the show. Well, actually, about five minutes, but who’s counting?

It was just at the time when the true designers are “voting people off the island.” One of the wannabe designers who was at risk of being voted off was a 50 year old woman named Peach. I don’t know any of her background at all, much less in fashion. But, when the ax fell and everyone learned she wouldn’t be returning the next episode, I kinda wanted to know more about Peach.

See, when she got the boot, there’s the obligatory response. No matter what reality show you’re watching, there are a variety of responses the kickee will have; anger, sadness, contempt, jealousy, etc. For Peach? It was all about the gratitude.

She stated again and again how participating in the show had been such a treat for her, how it was the highlight of her life and how much she’d miss all the other newbie designers. Never a word was uttered about how she thought it was unfair, or how wrong the judges were. Nothing like that. Just gratitude and appreciation for being given the chance to show her stuff and to fall in with a crowd of 20-something newbie designers.

Maybe that’s maturity, maybe that’s intelligence…or maybe that’s just Peach.

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