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Can you name the top three funnest things you’ve ever done? Now, forget the once in a lifetime things like your wedding day or when your child was born and that kinda stuff. But just pure joyful fun. Got your three? Here are mine:

On our honeymoon, Marvelyne and I spent an entire afternoon going round and round the lazy river. Probably stopped to have an adult beverage along the way, but just being together and enjoying the relaxation (and laziness) one of those things provides.

Next? New Smyrna Beach. My mother in law has a condo at NSB and there is simply no other time I feel more alive than going out into the Atlantic. It engages my four remaining senses in a way that nothing else does.

And finally? Kinda a toss up between blasting brass with shooting, walking through New York City and going to concerts of any kind.

Now, I can’t recreate my honeymoon. No one can do that. But, right across town there are a multitude of hotels with lazy rivers. They may not be as common as swimming pools, but they certainly aren’t scarce. And New Smyrna Beach? 45 minutes from my front door. Concerts, shooting? All that can be done right in my city. Safely and legally go without saying.

Here’s the question:

Why don’t I do these sorts of things more often? Is there a financial investment involved? Sure, but it’s not out of reach. It’s not like a night or two in NYC will mean I have to go on welfare. It’s not like concert tickets will mean I have to start selling my blood. I’m fully aware that times are kinda tough and we’re all needing to tighten our belts a bit…but what is life without some joy in it?

I know it’s kinda early to start making resolutions, but one thing I want o start incorporating into my life is simple joys. Things that truly, truly bring me happiness and excitement.

What are you going to do? Continue to think joy is out of your reach? Or look at it rationally and understand we’ve all got one time to go around on this big blue marble. During this 70 or so year existence I have, I want to be sure I don’t lay on my death bed wishing I’d gone to the beach a little more often.

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